Currently we are working on projects with Alan Diamond Architects and the Diamond Architectural Group, Stuart Howard Architects, Peter Rose Architecture + Interiors, and Ankenman Marchand Architects. The residential projects include traditional residences, contemporary residences ranging from modern with traditional influences to strongly contemporary homes. In each case, we work closely with the architects to make the interior and exterior spaces part of the same design vocabulary and linked in function and spatial flow.

We have some multi family residential projects underway as well. Currently these are all projects involving new infill dwellings and the accommodation or relocation of existing heritage buildings. Two notable projects among these are the recently-completed relocation and infill project involving The Dorothys on w. 41st Avenue, and the restoration and infill of the Vinson House, on Gordon Avenue in West Vancouver.

Projects shown on the pages below contain photos taken during construction or shortly after completion.

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